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February 13th, 2019 at 6:03:07 AM permalink
Quote: rajarolet

Currently losing 68 unit flat betting 740hands
I check the SD is 3.8 which is very unlikely
I am stop playing RNG casino’s while thinking for another method
Live BJ is about 30 hands /hr. Very consuming tine

Go back a few posts. Looks like my answer "2" is the winner!
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I don't know if the math and reasoning are correct , but if its good deal go for it; if its a great deal, the casino will be finding loopholes and hurdles.
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February 19th, 2019 at 3:53:30 AM permalink
currently i found one agent that have Microgaming table games in the website and giving me 1.3% cashback turnover

there is two best blackjack game in microgaming.
1. single deck classic blackjack 0.13% HE, single hand, no autoplay
2. 2 deck bonus blackjack 0.38%HE, multiple hand + autoplay expert feature

Now i am playing the 2nd option because i dont need to spend hours of playing and i can lower my bet unit (it run all day long, the speed is about 350 hands/hr)
i will get my first cashback tomorrow. been running about 3-4k hands, very small bet (about $0.5-$1 per unit)

I dont know how long i will taking advantage of this situation, but 0.7-1% turnover cashback is a normal promotion offer from agent.

I call them agent because gambling is illegal in my country, they dont host the game. I just deposit to get credit and play (microgaming, playtech live, sbobet, maxbet, etc)
then if i win, i can withdraw from my account. So i called them "agent" because they are not the owner of the game / sportbook website

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