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How can I show an accounting for the effect of Match Play on Table Games Hold %? Is there a website with an Excel template? Even just an explanation will be helpful.

I found this post: /forum/questions-and-answers/math/2963-the-effect-freeplay-has-on-a-machines-coin-in-hold/2/

But I don't think I can extrapolate the formulae there from Slots to Tables.
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Can you please be more specific?

Are you wanting to know the Expected Value of a particular Match Play coupon on a particular game, or do you want to know the actual effect on a Table's hold percentage?

The hold percentage of a Table is just total coin-in (casino winnings) against total coin-out (a player's cashed winnings) so a Match Play may impact the casino's overall expected profit on total bets, but I don't see how it would affect the hold percentage because that is just money in v. money out and has nothing directly to do with expected value.

I do know that any type of, 'Promotional Credits/Wagers,' can be used to offset a casino's positive revenues from a taxation standpoint. Although, anytime I have seen this done on revenue reports, it is an offset against the total revenues after Table Hold has already been considered. Furthermore, I don't know if this is done based on the face value or expected value of the promotional credits themselves. I would assume face value, because if it was based on Expected Value, then you would have to keep those numbers separately for each type of game (and individual wager!) because they all have different expected values on a Match Play.

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