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Sunday afternoon, I attended a wrestling match at this decrepit hockey rink off of Maryland Parkway. While waiting for a drink, I spot a photo of Bob Marley. Further examination reveals a small plaque memorizing the concert he played there. Nearby was another plaque for a 1969 Led Zeppelin concert. Turns out this was the only show the original Zep ever played in Vegas. It is said that the sound system had so much feedback that Robert Plant abandoned his microphone and belted out the tunes naturally. Of course, no recording exists so it might have been for part of a song or half the concert.
Not much of 1960s Vegas remains. It's a shame such a historic place sits so unrecognized. In the era when casinos didn't want rock and the crowd it attracted, this barn, then known as the Ice Palace, was the place for rock bands in Las Vegas.
Any oldtimers see a concert there by chance? I'm not sure when it closed, but by the mid seventies, most concerts were at the Convention Center.
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Apparently, it's now the Sahara Event Center, although I don't think there's a link with the old hotel.

According to this site, it turned into a roller skating rink sometime around 1980; currently, it hosts roller hockey and independent-level professional wrestling.

The last concert there where Setlist has information was in September, 1974.
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