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August 10th, 2010 at 5:04:04 PM permalink
Its a fine line. The casino wants the action, the dealer wants tips and the Tray Lizard wants her tips yet there comes a point where the casino is really saying 'no more booze right now' and giving someone an opportunity to not get too drunk as to be more of a problem either as to obnoxiousness or bankroll issues.

Quiet drunks probably are not 86'd quite as readily as noisy ones. Lousy tippers probably get 86'd well before good tippers do.

Dealers take a great deal of abuse from sober people and from drunks, but there really are limits but as with everything else in a casino the main determinant seems to be the bankroll.
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August 10th, 2010 at 7:27:18 PM permalink
I don't think any casino personnel deserves to take any kind of abuse, and abusive people should be kicked out regardless of drunkenness.

And I agree it's a fine line. I just think it's a strange line. If the casino has a responsibility to cut off people from gambling if they are too inebriated, then if they are cutting off people from alcohol for being too inebriated, it stands to reason that the same people should be cut off from gambling as well. I sort of mentioned something in another thread about alcohol, but it also occurs to me that if the person is staying at the casino, should they be allowed to drink more, since you know for a fact they won't be going out and driving somewhere else?

I don't think there is any good or easy solution. I guess part of my problem with understanding things is that I'm not a drinker. Thus, I don't quite see the joy in drinking so much as to be cut off in the first place. I just think if I were cut off, I'd be annoyed by it, especially seeing as how the casino is more than willing to keep taking my gambling money, just not my alcohol money.
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August 12th, 2010 at 5:38:54 PM permalink
My golf group was in Biloxi at The Beau Rivage. There were four of us at a table together, with one stranger guy. We were drunk and loud and having way too much fun. The floorman came over and said, "No more drinks at this table." The stranger guy said, "But I don't even KNOW these guys!"

So not only were we cut off, we caught some guy with collateral damage! lol

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