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May 23rd, 2015 at 12:28:37 PM permalink
So I guess today through Monday Postmates is doing a Promo with Radio City Pizza where you can get a slice of cheese pizza and a drink for free(up to 2 times) however delivery fee applies.

Obviously if you are closer to downtown(like staying in a room there) it will be less. Not sure what the baseline is. I live about a mile away and it shows a 5 dollar fee for me. I have this code f6nkk that is supposed to give 10 dollars off delivery fee, but not sure if it will work on a promotion such as this.

The one thing I do not like about Postmates is they are very phone centric. This is fine if you use the phone a lot but I like to use the website and they try to force you to log into facebook. Facebook sucks, don;t they understand that :( I ended up using the phone to make an account and then log in over the computer.

Either way don't want this to turn into a shill for Postmates just wanted to give a heads up about this offer. It would be a really nice deal if the code would make it totally free but not sure.

(Also in the spirit of transparency, the code I put was at the bottom of my order and may or may not also be some kind of referral code that I benefit from. I just don't want it to be one of "those" threads where someone puts something but the real reason was to get a kickback. If that code does not work or you do not want to use, try "Postmates promo code May 2015" in google and you should get plenty to choose from)

Here is the link. The free items are the very top ones.

Radio City Pizza
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