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February 18th, 2010 at 10:34:05 AM permalink

Two ways of looking at this. Obama has clearly shown disrespect for Las Vegas and caused millions in lost business for the city. OTOH, when the POTUS tells you to come in, you go in. You don't need to agree with him, but you show up.

Given this is the guy who defended Tony Spilotro, Goodman can't be afraid of meeting with anybody.
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Not necessarily true. When President Bush was at the height of his unpopularity, politicians of both parties came up with reasons to not appear with him despite an invitation. This is just a little more public because the appearance is that President Obama is attempting to reach out to the mayor, even though he has not apologized to him. However, the invitation should not be seen as making a true gesture of apology. They are fairly universal; it would have been made with a Democratic, Republican, or (in this case) unaligned mayor. Unfortunately, I personally feel this President has done more to politicize the office than any previous administration. I don't mean fighting for and supporting your party's positions (they all do that); I mean literally treating the office as if it's a continuation of the campaign. Never seen anything like it.
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The mayor already threw down the gauntlet in anger after the "bunch of cash" remark. It would make him look weak to go back on his promise to not welcome Obama to Vegas, unless he got some kind of apology, which presidents rarely give out. Personally, I think Goodman had a legitimate complaint, especially in combination with "taxpayers dime" comment. However, I think he over-reacted. Personally, I'm getting kind of sick of the topic, and don't really care if he accepts the invitation or not.
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