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One of the worst (best?) cases is my son on one of his first trips to Vegas after turing 21 a few years ago was so drunk he said the slot attendent put his money in the machine for him because he couldnt hold it straight enough. All the blame goes to him for losing and it was a lesson learned.
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Quote: Triplell

In Iowa, they seems to be very strict at letting people in when they are intoxicated. I was at a wedding reception at Harrah's, went to gamble some, went back to the wedding reception to grab my girlfriend, and was denied entrance back into the Casino. I had probably only had 3 or 4 beers. The security guard asked me if I had consumed any alcoholic beverages. I told him I have had 3 or 4 beers within the last couple of hours, and he told me Iowa law permits anyone who shows signs of intoxication from entering the casino floor.

What this tells me is that if you get drunk while gambling, you are in the clear as far as Iowa law is concerned. However, if you try to enter the casino after you have been drinking, it may be a different story...

I had the same experience at a casino in the Quad Cities (I think it was Davenport, not sure). I was super drunk from a wedding reception and decided I wanted to walk around the casino floor. This was back before I knew how to play ANYTHING in a casino, so I'm not sure what my plan was. Anyway, the security guard checking IDs said I couldn't come in, but that since I was on casino property, they weren't allowed to just let me walk away either, I had to wait for a shuttle back to my hotel, which I could see from the casino entrance! Hence I was trapped there until the shuttle came (about 15 minutes), couldn't go inside, couldn't leave.
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Quote: 1BB

Three years ago this month a sailor from the sub base left Mohegan Sun allegedly drunk. He drove the wrong way on the highway and hit a van carrying Connecticut college students killing one of them. The tribe said they would review their alcohol policies. Can you say sovereign nation???

Oh, please.

Sue them in their own tribal court.

I'm sure they'll be fair and impartial.

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