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Just saw a similar thread for Craps and it lead me to open this one, because it made me curious to know about:

1. What is the longest winning and losing streak known to man in blackjack games ?

(my max winning streak was 9 hand in a row only once, and my max losing streak was 16 in a row 2 times as I can remember)

2. Longest number of blackjacks (two card 21) in a row ? (I got 5 in a row once, and I think it is roughly 1 in 3200000)

PS: Take into consideration everything from Live blackjack to Online, and most important, blackjack Simulator software Results !
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The outstanding craps roll is something that becomes obvious to everyone and can also be verified by the camera. I guess slightly less obvious would be runs of Reds, Blacks or the same number at roulette. However Blackjack hands are not recorded.

Assuming very simple assumptions that Blackjack hands were won 40% of the time and lost 50% of the time (not correct but makes maths easier) and no correlation, the chances of winning 10 in a row are better than 1 in 10000. In gambling something very unlikely (e.g. winning lottery, megabucks win) is very likely to happen eventually if enough people play. Thus I am guessing here, a run would have to have chances of less than 10^-10 to be a record.
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There may also be a record for banker or player in Baccarat, or a specific number on Big Six, or even Sic Bo.

The point is, you'll only see a record in a game where everyone is betting on or against the same outcome.

Blackjack, where everyone is betting on their own hand, just wouldn't get the same kind of attention for a streak - except perhaps by a pit boss that was thinking about giving the person the boot.
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