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January 20th, 2010 at 4:48:08 PM permalink
In the realm of the Wizard of Odds, (somewhere) I read where stated: 'Put' bets are allowed
everywhere, etc. etc.

Believe it or not, 'Put' bets are NOT allowed at the Harrah's North Kansas City, Casino.

I do it rarely, but after repeatedly attempting to do it, was given poor logic (in my opinion)
denying me this bet - by the pit boss / and or box person.

Has something to do with fact that Casino does not want someone to do a put bet on the 6 or 8,
in the amount of $500, in which case they could increase their bet by allowing $5,000 odds.

However - they are fine with you doing a 'come bet' and THEN placing your $5,000 odds on it.
They are also fine with you placing the 6 / and or 8 for $6,000.

crazy, huh? every other casino here will let you do that, just NO PUT bets of any kind at the Harrahs here in North Kansas CIty. I wonder if that is across the board at all Harrah's locations?

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