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"Me and My Uncle"

There is an interesting/amusing story posted here on Wikipedia about how John Phillips wrote this song but was too drunk to remember it. He found out about his authorship when he started receiving royalties from the version that Judy Collins recorded. According to Wiki: "John used to joke that, little by little, with each royalty check, the memory of writing the song would come back to him."

The song, with slightly modified lyrics, was frequently performed by the Grateful Dead. I always liked Judy's version, and here are the "original" lyrics as she sang them, based on the tape that was recording during John's drunkenness:


Me and my uncle went riding down
From Colorado, west Texas bound.
And we stopped off in Santa Fe.
It being the point, about half-way.
And besides it was the hottest part of the day.

We led our ponies into a stall.
Went to a bar boys, bought drinks for all.
Two days in the saddle, my body hurt.
It being summer, took off my shirt,
And tried to wash off some of that dusty dirt.

West Texas cowboys, all over town.
With gold and silver, they’re loaded down
Just in from round-up, it seemed a shame.
So my uncle starts a friendly game.
High-low Jacks and the winner takes the game.

From the beginning uncle starts to win
Them Texas cowboys they was mad as sin
Some say he’s cheating but that can’t be.
’Cos my uncle he's honest as me.
And I'm as honest as a Denver man can be.

One of them cowboys, he starts to draw,
I grabbed a bottle, slapped him on the jaw
I shot another he won't grow old.
In the confusion, uncle grabbed the gold,
And we high-tailed it down to Mexico.

Now God bless cowboys and God bless gold.
God bless my uncle and rest his soul.
He taught me well boys, taught me all I know.
Taught me so well that I grabbed that gold,
And I left him lying there by the side of the road.

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Philadelphia Grand Jury - Going To The Casino (Tomorrow Night)

Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones - Roving Gambler
(Many versions of this song are available.)

If'n I'd a knowed you wanted to have went with me - I'd a seen that you got to get to go.
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Bad Company - Shooting Star
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Bruce Springstein's "Atlantic City", as done by one of my favorite singers, Hank Williams III

Even without the words, the music tells the story of a desperate gambler, his rush, and his fall. Love, love, LOVE this song.
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Quote: Mosca

Mr Mudd & Mr Gold

(The link is Townes Van Zandt performing the song, then explaining how he wrote it. Worth the 3:44, IMO.)

The wicked king of clubs amigo, lay them raises down.

How did I ever miss this thread? Good to hear someone else likes Townes. These guys do too (toured with him.) Note: My tag line/signature comes from this song.

Townes' Blues by Cowboy Junkies

You're clean as a widow woman's washboard, son,
Stick it in the wind
Put the mountains to your back
The great plains on your grille

Time to take a little spin
Boulder looks like the type of town
That I could spend some time,

But in Houston they got our name in lights
You're clean as a widow woman's washboard, son,
The slab is yours tonight

Townes is in the back lounge
With his hands in his pocket
Pulls out two dice and says, 'Let's get at it'

Salina in the headlights, snake eyes on the floor,
Al drops another twenty, Pete heads for the door,
Springer's feeling lucky, sits down for a spell,
Oklahoma City and he's lost his last bill

Jeff is in a bind waiting on sister hicks
Seven comes a-calling
As we cross on into Texas

Townes is in the back lounge
With a fist full of fives
He says, 'It's a little bit long
But I'm enjoying this ride'

Be careful with the dice
When you're surrounded by others
With boxcars in their eyes
Never count your winnings at hour 23

Of a 24-hour drive
Remember that you're not the one
Calling the tune
That's making those diamonds dance

Or you'll be clean as
A widow woman's washboard, son,
And those are the facts

Townes is in the back lounge cursing at them bones
He says, 'Ain't this fool ever heard of Raton'
Never count your winnings at hour 23 of a 24-hour drive.
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Clint Black Good Run of Bad Luck. is probably my favorite.

But while playing if anything I like light jazz or classical, as it is more relaxing.
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Quote: FrGamble

I like to listen to some good music on my way to the casino, especially songs that have to do with gambling. Trying to put together a CD. Anyone have any recommendations?

Here is probably my favorite: The Shape of the Heart (Sting)

Not to take away from Sting (one of my favorites) but this guy uses the song quite well: Nice card illusion
Never count your winnings at hour 23 of a 24-hour drive.
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Quote: DJTeddyBear

Despite the very bad advice of never counting your money, I like Kenny Rogers "Gambler".

And no list can be complete with a version of "Viva Las Vegas".

Sometimes you need a count if lucky enough to have a backer.

3 times in a row , as I pulled into a dog track parking lot, Viva Las Vegas came on the radio. The key dog I was betting that night lost each time. I hate that song. LOL
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Ramblin' Gamblin' Man - Bog Seger

Yeah, gonna tell my tale come on,
come on.
Give a listen.

Cause I was born lonely
down by the riverside.
Learned to spin fortune wheel
and throw dice.
And I was just thirteen
when I had to leave home.
Knew I couldn't stick around,
had to roam.
I ain't good lookin',
but you know I ain't shy.
Ain't afraid to look a girl
in the eye.
So if you need some lovin'
and you need it right away,
just take a little time out
and maybe I'll stay.

Then I got to ramble,
[ramblin' man]
Lord I got to gamble,
[gamblin' man]
Ahh I got to ramble,
[ramblin' man]
And I was born a ramblin' gamblin' man.

I hope you got money,
Sho' gonna need some.
Ain't gonna run on lovin'
and I got to run.
I got to keep movin',
never gonna slow down.
You can have your funky world,
see ya 'round.

I got to ramble,
[ramblin' man]
Yeah I got to gamble,
[gamblin' man]
Ahh I got to ramble,
[ramblin' man]
I was born a ramblin' gamblin' man.

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