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In the Oklahoma casinos all table games require an additional 50cent ante to play each hand(just giving house this money, NOT gambling it). How does this affect the optimal strategy for Ante/Play and Pair Plus bets in 3card poker? I figure if play at all, you would be forced to play the pair plus to have a shot at winning anything in the long run, considering that this additional ante money will add up. That is unless you are betting high enough to make these antes insignificant. If that is the case, what would the bets need to be?
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As I've said this many times, I would refuse to play on principle alone, especially at small bet amounts. The increase is the house edge is 0.5/b, where b is your initial bet amount. For example, at a $10 bet the increase is 5%. However, if you must play, I would do what I do anywhere, bet the Ante only, and raise on Q64 or better. The fee is gone, regardless of how you bet, so you may as well try to lose as little additional money via the house edge.
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