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I have observed that many players will split a pair of Aces if they would otherwise have a really bad 2 card hand like J-X or less. Is this good strategy? Is it ever good strategy to break up a straight or flush with only 1 pair? For example if you have A-K-K-Q-J-10-9 or even A-10-10-9-8-7-6? Or at the other extreme would you break up a straight with this 2 pair 6-5-4-3-3-2-2?
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There is no reason to split those straight hands with the ace. That's almost a guaranteed winner. You should split the two pair with the low straight in your example-- the hand is still a loser overall, but you'll have a greater chance to win as opposed to the "guaranteed" push with the straight in the back. As far as splitting your pair of aces, no, you should keep the pair in the back. Will give you an almost guaranteed push.
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There are times when it is better to play the pair, and break up your straight. Assuming Trump Plaza house way using numbers from here:
Your hand: A-K-Q-Joker-T-5-4
Playing 54 for low: EV= -.035
Playing KQ for low:EV= .091
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While not in Vegas, Foxwoods has a rule like this in their house way.

In hands that have one or more straight/flush/straight flush, and exactly one pair, they will play the best low hand possible (pair or otherwise) that leaves a ST/FL/SF in the high hand. However, if the hand includes an Ace with a pair of K's, Q's, J's or 10's, they will play the pair in the high hand and the Ace in the low hand, as long as doing so improves the low hand.

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