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When playing craps w/ a $100 buy-in and average bet of $10 w/ 1X $10 odds, what would you expect the accrued comps to be on a per hour basis??

Would the expected amount of acrued comps differ across other games with the same ~ bet size (ie, roulette, blackjack, and spanish 21).

Are the levels of comps better of worse when comparing table games vs. slot machines. Let's assume you have 4 resolutions per minute, 240 resolutions per hour. $2400 passline with $2400 odds (wagered total across an hour), and the rough total $ equivalent in theoretical action on a slot machine per hour.
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Slot machines have a much higher house edge than table games, therefore, a slot player is worth more to the casino and the casino will certainly comp the slot player at a better rate simply because that slot player will lose more money.

Comps are usually based on a players Theoretical Value which means his average action times the speed of the game times the House Edge times that casino's comp percentage of Theo. There are simple charts of how fast a casino assumes the various games are played. The figures were probably originally derived from studies and then rounded off for ease of use.

In some casinos, red chips are invisible. If you want your play to be rated and to receive something in comps, a Green chip is the minimum that will be visible. Other casinos may be a bit more generous. Strip casinos in Vegas: Green chip each and every time and Black is preferred. The Venetian would probably not even rate your play if it was ten dollars on the line and ten dollars in odds.

So your first step is to work out your Theoretical Value to the casino and then go from there to see if that particular casino is going to consider awarding you some comps.
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Quote: Asswhoopermcdaddy

Let's assume you have 4 resolutions per minute, 240 resolutions per hour.

I assume you meant four ROLLS per minute. And even that is fast.

Four resolutions? Hardly. Most craps bets are NOT resolved for several rolls.

Even if you could come up with betting that has the same value in action per hour as a slot machine, the slot player is more valuable since the slot doesn't have the same staff requirements.
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