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Dear Wizard,

I have been playing 3-Way Action Video Poker off and on for 15+ years and really enjoy the game. I play only the 99.291% version discussed at the Wizard of Odds and use the Wizard's strategy for that game. However, the 99.291% game is somewhat rare, at least in the 25c game, which I prefer. I saw the Wizard's update on this game (as of January 20, 2019), which discusses 5 separate paytables. However, the version I see most frequently is NOT included. That version maintains the same paytable on both the 5 Card Dealt hand (97.041% payback) and the 5 Card Draw Hand (9/6 Double Double Bonus). However, the 7 Card paytable eliminates the 2 pair (J-A up), and instead, doubles the pay on 4 of a kinds (and increases Full House pay from 4 to 5 and also increases the Royal Flush from 160 to 200)---which is the same 7 Card paytable you show for the 9/5 Double Double bonus paytable (except you have the lower RF). Since that paytable is extremely common at the casinos I frequent, could you calculate the payback on that version? My assumption is that it's not quite as favorable as the 99.291% version and I estimate it to come in at somewhere between 98.7% and 99.0%. In addition, I would love to see the strategy for that version. I'm sure I'm not the only one interested, as I have seen a lot of comments on other forums regarding this version of the game (and the games get a lot of action). Thank you.

(I sent an earlier post--on Feb. 12, but I think it was posted in the wrong section---plus I notice the 7 Card RF is higher in the common game).
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