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August 16th, 2020 at 4:04:56 PM permalink
First, I want to say I was a long time lurker but then "relatively recently" joined this Forum and started posting. I have always appreciated the Wizard and his work on both main sites. And I have always enjoyed the variety of information and posters on this site. If the answer is found, someone please direct me in the right direction for an answer, but is there any reason Wiz or other admins or anyone else with knowledge can't update the playing surveys? Like the Blackjack survey? I know he changed the format but I always appreciated his reviews and updates, even if it wasn't as current as CBJN. At least it was lower priced...........LOL But quite a bit has changed since last update I'm sure.

Also, enjoyed reading the Hotel/Casino reviews. But they are starting to get dated with most over 10 years old, I believe. I know it was a task but does anyone have any input on updating these "travelogues" so to speak? Along with the playing conditions surveys?
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