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December 28th, 2019 at 1:20:42 AM permalink
When I visited Hong Kong last year, I walked by a few mahjong clubs. Undoubtedly, they're playing for money inside. My question about that has always been "how do they handle a lame-o like me when I accidentally knock over tiles like I do all the time in home games?" An exhaustive 2 minutes of Googling did not help.

The answer probably is that people don't. But what if someone did???

Side note: I won $14 from my in-laws for the second consecutive time!

I did find a video that showed how most knocked-over tiles are prevented: automatic shufflers—whoa! Check out the 0:32 mark!

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i'm in Florida where the only Mahjong Club near me was impressive and helpful on my "just passing by" visit several years ago, Unfortunately it is in the same shopping center as a noted Hookah Club wherein a man of Egyptian heritage murdered an American woman for being assertive. Obviously, I've not been anywhere near there since the murder.

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