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How much and when do you tip the sportsbook ticket writer? Say you place a $100 football wager, tip the book then? ($5?) Or tip when you win (how much?)? Or never? Friends of mine say they never tip, but that seems wrong. I have randomly tipped different amounts and got different reactions from the writer. If I tip when I make the wager, I seem to generally get more drink coupons.. but not reliably.
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I would only tip if it buys you something, like extra drink tickets, first in line privileges, or higher limits. Gratuities are supposed to be for gratuitous service, thus the game. When I was a cashier at Knottís Berry Farm nobody ever tipped me, and I never expected it. If you are not getting service above and beyond the cashiering service the writers are supposed to do, tipping should not be expected. Now Iím not saying not to tip, just donít feel obligated to.
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