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November 12th, 2010 at 6:13:21 PM permalink
THE GFE - Live or Virtual

I bet you're wondering what I'm talking about. Well wipe that smirk off your brain, I'm not talking about the "girl friend experience". I'm talking about the "gambler's fantasy experience"! Ok maybe that includes a gfe, but for all intensive purposes follow me here:

Would you rather gamble live at a real table surrounded by people or would you rather gamble virtually via online or at a casino, but using one of their pseudo slot machines.

1.) Blackjack - I played a few hands with a live dealer and then went to a blackjack slot machine where I could play 7 hands at once for a $1 each. Sadly, since I really don't like blackjack that much, neither really appealed to me. Although I did kinda like the virtual machine more because people literally left you alone. Less hastling, but you know the hands are all RNG driven. So much for card counting or progression betting.

Blackjack - computer has a slight edge.

2.) Craps - Played both, and really liked the virtual craps. The game was smoother than a real life craps table, although betting time limits were really annoying and there wasn't enough drinks service coming around here. However, I didn't feel the same excitement that you normally get from a live craps table. No cheering (electronic sounds are poor considering I was the only one playing.). So the wins were less exciting, but the losses equally as painful when compared to a real life table. The interesting thing was I could lay the 4 for a $5 whereas in a real life table game, I would have to Lay the 4 for 41 to be allowed any action.

More testing needed until I can rank one higher than the other.

3.) Roulette - Actually like a real life table game more than an electronic game here. I always get a sense that when I increase my bets, the RNG scews with me and causes an automatic loss. My experiments have been betting $1 on say red. And after 40 or turns, I get a rough distribution. When I bump the amount to say $5 or $10 for 40 turns, the # of wins immediately drop off the face of the planet on a roulette machine as oppose to a table. I have GROSS SUSPICIONS on this matter.

Roulette - Live table game has the advantage.

4.) Poker - This is a game of probability as much as it is a game of wit. It's harder to read a computer player than it is to read a real life player. I prefer playing poker with real people.

Poker - Live table game has the advantage.
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November 12th, 2010 at 7:02:35 PM permalink
I won't address the others, but for me craps should be a live game hands down. When you play on a machine, you lose two critical features: the tactile feeling of throwing the dice and the social interaction with the (at least) 3-4 other people at the table. ShuffleMaster's Rapid Craps is an exception, but that's not really a virtual craps game.
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