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October 4th, 2017 at 11:56:05 AM permalink
I see that Rex T has reaffirmed his commitment to trumpy after allegedly referring to him as an f-ing moron.
Today Rex said of trumpy that
Quote: Rex T

He's smart

He also said that
Quote: Rex T

There's no more important responsibility I carry with me than ensuring American citizens are safe.

He did not deny calling trumpy a moron, when invited to do so.

His words were carefully crafted, but my takeaway is that Rex is trying to hold onto his job, possibly as an honourable duty to humanity's best interest by him being there holding back the moron.* But equally, he's not so stupid as to flat out deny something he said with many witnesses, any one of whom could have recorded evidence.

So. Is anyone taking bets on how long he will hold his job? I may be interested in a prop bet.

*If Rex is trying to hold back the moron, I will give him my thanks and respect. We may never know for sure.
Take care out there. Spare a thought for the newly poor who were happy in their world just a few days ago, but whose whole way of life just collapsed..

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