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Sorry for posting so many questions but I'm pretty sure this is my last one. Are there any free online practice European roulette wheels where I can set my own win/loss percentage or choose to have a lucky session or an unlucky session, so I can test my strategy in harsh/losing conditions? I want to be prepared for those times to practice what if anything I can do to save myself from ending my session a loser. Thanks for your help even if there are no such practice wheels.

Since this is likely my last post because I don't want to keep asking questions and I don't know enough about gambling to reply to anyone and help out, I wanted to ask if The Wizard knows that he was mentioned on TV? Years ago as a teen I watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force and I distinctly recall a line where Shake called himself, or mentioned by name, "The Wizard of Odds". How cool is that!
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You can free play european roulette a lot of places online. Here's a link to Bovada's:

As far as "lucky" or "unlucky" session that's kind of just silly. That would imply that someone programmed the roulette game to make you lose more than you should, which for any real money scenario would be horrifically against the rules and regulations. Any online roulette game you find (real or play money) will at least tell you it's RNG and a "fair" spin each time, though of course from some online sites people make claims all the time that they're not. So if you wanted to try an "unlucky" session go bet anything over $25 per spot on Bovada.

Next, I wish you the best in your endeavor, but it VERY VERY much sounds like you have a losing roulette system/strategy. If you're just playing for fun, then no worries, just as long as you're not thinking it's going to be a long run winner... because there are very few and difficult ways to beat roulette, and a betting strategy of any sort is not one of them. If you want to post your strategy we can run the numbers and let you know just how poor or negative your expected value is over X spins. If you want to keep it more private, feel free to Private Message (PM) me by clicking my name, then clicking New Message.

Lastly, stick around. No need to not post. There are plenty of threads that don't have to do with only mathematics. And even the threads that do, quite often other opinions and real life logistics come in to play. Check out some other threads and post what you know/your opinion. You'll find the community is pretty enjoyable, and it would help encourage people to answer future questions you may have since you actually contribute back to the community then. Some posters avoid "one and done" =D posters that only want their questions answered then flee the forums. The members here aren't paid to answer or anything. We're all here because we share a common interest (gambling) in some form or another.
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Thank you. I'll take your advice, try to contribute and stick around. :)
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I support a money-managing gambling system. I do not support any non-cheating method to make money at Roulette.

You will likely first gravitate to a Martingale, electing for small wins at the risk of one big loss. The odds are however that you will experience the "one big loss" before you have the wins to cover the "one big loss".

If the roulette wheel is truly random then there is no system where you will make money. If you can gather evidence via wheel clocking or some other bias, you better make sure your sample size is huge enough to extort the weakness.

For money management systems you can always elect to flat bet, bet more or less units after a loss, or bet less or more units out of a win. The numbers / quarters / corners / thirds / streets you pick makes absolutely no difference.

In the end you will lose your house advantage x the average amount wagered over time.
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What I like to do is the following. First of all, you are at a table with a minimum bet of X dollars, with a chip denomination available of 1/5 of X (i.e., you place 5 chips on the board for each spin). For example, min bet is $5, so buy $1 chips (of course you can always elect to bet more than that, but this "system" requires you to play 5 chips per spin).

Buy 25, 30 or 35 chips, Less than 25 chips is okay, the minimum to make this work is 5, and I do not recommend going over 35.

There are two types of bets you make: low-stakes and high-stakes. You will maintain two piles of chips. Low-stakes bets come from pile #1 (your initial bankroll) and high-stakes bets come from pile #2.

Low-stakes is as follows:
one chip on black
one chip on even
(the next three cover all odd red numbers, leaving only green as the sole unbet spot)
one chip on first 12 (covers 5 odd red spots)
one chip on the six spots in the two rows 19-24 (covers 3 odd red spots)
one chip on the three spots in the single row 25-27 (covers 2 odd red spots)

Spin the wheel! There is only a 2 in 38 chance (1 in 37 at European roulette) of losing all 5 chips if the ball lands on green. You may only win 2 or 3 chips, which is still a loss since you bet 5 chips, but it's fun to win something.

Note that the low-stakes bet involves betting on 18 numbers, 12 numbers, 6 numbers, and 3 numbers.

Whatever you win (if you do win), place your win into pile #2.

If you have at least 5 chips in pile #2, then do a high-stakes bet. If you have less than 5 chips in pile #2, take another 5 chips from pile #1 and do another low-stakes bet.

High-stakes bet is to play all the games you didn't play at low-stakes, namely 4 spots, 2 spots and 1 spot. Put one chip on 4 spots, another chip on 2 spots, and the remaining three chips on three single spots. Don't overlap them in order to maximize the probability of winning (at the expense of not winning on more than one chip in one spin).

Spin the wheel! If you hit the single spot, CASH OUT. This is why the maximum bankroll is 35 chips. That way, even if this is your very last bet, and you hit the single spot, you win 36 chips and you will be ahead. If you hit the four or two spot bet, just as with the low-stakes bet rule, place your winnings into pile #2.

After every spin (whether it was low-stakes or high-stakes), put the winnings into pile #2, and if you have at least 5 chips in pile #2, do a high-stakes bet. If not, take another 5 chips out of pile #1 and do a low-stakes bet. Repeat until you either win 36 chips by hitting a single spot or you run out of chips.

Note that because of the 5 chip minimum, this means that if you have less than 10 chips remaining (for example, 5 chips left in pile #1 and 2 chips in pile #2), don't do a low-stakes bet. You might lose, or only win 2 chips (e.g., hit 31 only wins 2 chips) and then you don't have enough to be able to bet 5 chips. Whatever you have left, follow the same guidelines as the standard high-stakes bet, which is to place one chip on 4 spots, one chip on 2 spots, and then all remaining chips on individual spots. If you hit the 4 or 2 spots, put your winnings into pile #2 and go back to the regular rules of taking 5 chips out of pile #2 for a high-stakes bet.

I know this seems excessively complicated, but the point of it is to 1) make the otherwise fairly boring game of Roulette a lot more interesting and 2) be able to play all the different types of bets, namely bet on 18 numbers, 12 numbers, 6 numbers, 3 numbers, 4 numbers, 2 numbers, and just 1 number.

This is hard to do online because you can't separate your chips into two different physical piles. But it can be done if you track how much is in each pile yourself until you get the idea before going to the casino.

If you're fairly lucky and happen to double your chip balance without hitting any single spot bets, consider cashing out since you will always lose in the long run (if you're willing to forgo the chance to win 36 chips).

This "strategy" is merely a way to play the game. It will not change the house edge at all nor guarantee that you will win. It simply makes it last a lot longer than if you were to play nothing but individual spots because you're playing all the combinations but some of them do include single spots which provide the highest prize.

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