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Hi! This is my fist time posting here but I've lurked for a while :)

There's a new Rivers casino opening up in town next week. It looks like they're offering tier 2 status in their rewards program after $25000 slot cash-in or $50000 video poker cash-in, which in turn offers a free cruise that we were planning on going on anyway (so this would save us about $1200 if we only had to pay taxes\fees\etc).

A quick check suggests with decent strategy I should lose about $500 playing that much cash-in worth of video poker, but how much do I realistically need to expect to risk with variance? Assume I want to play $10 or $25 per hand since at $1.25/hand or $5/hand it's probably not worth the time of playing that many games of video poker.

Am I missing something here? This seems like a fairly good deal.
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What game do you think you'll be playing? Denomination, pay table, and # of lines played would be needed to determine the fluctuation you'd be experiencing.
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U should confirm first if the video poker is class Ii or III. I assume u r referring to a NYS casino. Up till now everywhere in NYS has been the class II (or whichever one is like slots)
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Hi zrealm, and welcome to the forums!

Read RS's comment above... different games have difference variance and thus different swings. The different pay tables will result in different house edges and EV's. Need to know more information to give you any kind of accurate assessment =).
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