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Quote: RS

If you guys want Norm to come here to post (seems odd people would want that, IMO) can't just say Norm or QFIT....ya gotta type something that'll show up on his google search. Like Norm Wattenberger or KJ kewlj kewljason shouldn't be banned or Hilo is the best count or I'm not interested in forum wars or fights.

I predict Norm will be here within 5 minutes of this being posted.

He didn't make it within five minutes. I don't really care if he ever shows up again; I am sure he feels the same about me. I just feel that he got his way and now has left us for the most part. That is shown by looking at his posting history of late. I'm sure he is full of good knowledge but he does not participate here because someone may challenge his actions here; Kewlj may have screwed by falling into the trap that was set for him, but he was a much more valuable poster to this forum than Q "Throw a" Fit has been so far.

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