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Wins trophy for revival thread of the year
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Quote: Wizardofnothing

Wins trophy for revival thread of the year

and that son of a gun just copy and paste. i flagged him
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Interested. Yes. Where do I buy these beans! Are thy coffee beans?? Yum.
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Quote: Wizardofnothing

Wins trophy for revival thread of the year

Send another trophy!
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Baccarat betting strategy for comps for you and a buddy:

Go to a large casino where you are not known and do not have a players' card. Try to pick a casino that is considered generous in giving comps.

You and your buddy then sit at opposite ends of a baccarat table.

You and your buddy each bet $100 on every hand. He bets player and you bet banker on every single hand. Or better than that, as a cover, the person placing his bet last bets opposite of the person betting first.

You quit after one hour.

If the dealer deals 80 hands in that hour the two of you together will have lost right around $208.

Split your losses so you and your buddy each have lost right about $104. You both lost but you both played without risking a much larger loss.

Then ask the PB for comps.

If he gives you each a one night stay and one dinner then you each will actually get 2 nights since you can probably get a hotel room with 2 beds.

The value of the comps, at least the retail value, will have exceeded your losses by a lot.

If it works, repeat and reboot in another casino.

Whether it works will depend on the generosity of the casino towards comps.

Hopefully a previous poster is correct in saying that casinos are generous with baccarat comps.

While I'm on the subject of baccarat; the few times that I've played it I've noticed that some dealers forget to charge commission on the banker's winning hand from time to time. Has anybody else noticed the same thing?
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