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Ok, first of all, I want to thanks the community of this forum for those outstanding support I've got here, especially CrystalMath.
Now about the question. Say I want to create a slot game with 9 symbols and 5 reels in it. One of them will be wild.
I have written out how much which pattern of which symbol should pay, for example:
AAA pays 10
AAAA pays 20
BBB pays 50

Now I want to build reel strips. I want to distribute those symbols on each reel to get a line pay of x%. x could be 80%, 90% etc.
Is there any practical/easy way of doing this? I was thinking about brute forcing but I guess this would take too long. How slot game providers overcome this challenge?

Thanks again
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There's no easy way to do what you are describing. I think the best way is to create the strips, and then use a spreadsheet and plug in payout numbers until you get what you want.

For example, if you know there are 20 symbols on each reel, and each reel has 3 As and one W (Wild), then the "AAAA row" would have 4 in columns 1-4 and 16 (since there are 16 symbols other than A or W on reel 5, and a fifth A/W makes it AAAAA instead of AAAA) in column 5; column 6 is your payout value, and column 7 is the product of the 6 numbers. Similarly, the "AAA" row is like the "AAAA" row, except that the fourth column is 16 instead of 4. Add up the values in column 7 and divide by 205 (since that is the total number of results), then multiply by 100 to get the return percentage.

I just realized there's a problem with this method; if having wild cards on the line pay separately, you have to remember to consider each payline that begins with a particular number of wilds separately. For example, if having Wilds on the first three reels pays a certain amount, then you need to have each winning combination that starts with three Wilds be a separate row, with column 6 equal to the larger of what three Wilds pays and what that payline normally pays (i.e. for "WWWA", it would be 1 in columns 1-4 and 16 in column 5).

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