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Quote: TwoFeathersATL

Norwegian comments later.

Victory? Is that right? cruises out of Jacksonville and Port Canaveral.
Don't remember the craps set-up. Generally take the boys down to Daytona for a week in the surf in late May, early June. I sneak away for a night sometimes to play playback on these 4-5 hour cruises. This year, Canaveral, had 5 min, 500 max, 3:2, H17, No RSA, No surrender.
Amazingly, the $10 tables had exact same rules, same max, $500.
If you get a few blacks ahead, they will go a little nuts.
It was funny, was also a bit sad.
I thought they might throw me overboard ;-)
86'd at Sea is the term maybe.

Victory is correct. 3-4-5x. $5 min. think it's $500 max.

Best I've done with them was win about $800. They were happy for me.
If the House lost every hand, they wouldn't deal the game.

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