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In honor of Queen Elizabeth passing 60 years on the throne, let's look at one of her bloodlines (one of the longest known in the Western World), Back to the founder of the Sassanid Persian Empire. The bloodline goes through Kings of Iberia (western Georgia), Kings of Georgia, the founders of the Russian dynasty, princes of Lithuania, Prussia, Germany, and finally to the wife of George III (namesake of Charlotte North Carolina) to her grandaughter Queen Victoria and the better known British bloodline.

Mathematically, is this bloodline something special? Or is it just as likely that the Wizard is also a descendant of Ardashir I? Of course, the difference is that the Wizard cannot trace his bloodline to the year 200.

  1. Ardashir I, Emperor of Persia ( Sassanid Persian Empire) born around 200 -died 242
  2. Shapur I Sassanian, , Emperor of Persia ca 215-272

    Ancient Iberia is not the same as Iberian Peninsula containing present day Spain and Portugal
  3. Mirian III Chosroid King of Iberia 265-361
  4. Varaz-Bakur I Chosroid, king of Iberia ca 288-365
  5. Mihrdat III Chosroid, king of Iberia ca 310
  6. Varaz-Bakur II Chosroid, king of Iberia ca 340
  7. Mihrdat IV Chosroid, king of Iberia ca 378
  8. Arch'il I Chosroid, king of Iberia
  9. Mihrdat V Chosroid, king of Iberia
  10. Vakhtang I Gorgasali Chosroid, king of Iberia 440-502/522
  11. Leo Chosroid, prince of Iberia
  12. Gouaram I Chosroid, prince of Iberia
  13. Stephen I Chosroid, prince of Iberia +627
  14. Gouaram II Chosroid, prince of Iberia ca 620-ca 693
  15. Waraz Bakur Chosroid
  16. Gouaram III Chosroid, prince of Iberia
  17. Ne Chosroid
  18. Adarnase Bagratid
  19. Ashot I Bagratid, prince of Iberia +836
  20. Bagrat I Bagratid, prince of Iberia +876
  21. David I Bagratid, prince of Iberia +881
  22. Adarnase II Bagratid, king of Georgia +923
  23. Smbat I Bagratid, king of Georgia +958
  24. Bagrat II Bagratid, king of Georgia +994
  25. Gurgen Bagratid, king of Georgia +1008
  26. Bagrat III Bagratid, king of Georgia 960-1014
  27. Giorgi I Bagratid, king of Georgia 998/1002-1027
  28. Bagrat IV Bagratid, king of Georgia 1018-1072
  29. Giorgi II Bagratid, king of Georgia ca 1054-1112
  30. David IV The Builder Bagratid, king of Georgia 1073-1125
  31. Katae Bagratid

    Rurik dynasty is one of Europe's oldest royal houses and are regarded as the founders of Rus and later Russia.
  32. Helena Komnena +1183
  33. Vsevolod III Le Grand Nid (Rurikides) 1154-1212
  34. Iaroslav II (Rurikides) 1191-1246
  35. Iaroslav III (Rurikides), prince de Tver +1271
  36. Mikhaïl I (Rurikides) 1271-1319
  37. Alexandre II (Rurikides) 1301-1339
  38. Juliana (Rurikides) ca 1330-1392
  39. Władysław II Jagiełło, Grand Duke of Lithuania ca 1351-1434
  40. Kazimierz IV Jagiellonczyk, Grand Duke of Lithuania 1427-1492
  41. Zofia Jagiellonka 1464-1512
  42. Albert Duke of Prussia 1490-1568
  43. Anna Sophie von Hohenzollern 1527-1591
  44. Johann V, Herzog von Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1558-1592
  45. Adolf Friedrich I, Herzog von Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1588-1658
  46. Adolf Friedrich, Herzog von Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1658-1708
  47. Karl, Herzog von Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1708-1752
  48. Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1744-1818. Wife of King George III, namesake of Charlotte, North Carolina
  49. Edward Augustus von Hannover, Duke of Kent 1767-1820
  50. Victoria von Hannover, Queen of Great Britain 1819-1901
  51. Edward VII von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, King of Great Britain 1841-1910
  52. George V Windsor, King of Great Britain 1865-1936
  53. George VI Windsor, King of Great Britain 1895-1952
  54. Elizabeth II Windsor, Queen of Great Britain 1926-
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I notice Maria Sharapova gets a mention.
There certainly is a lot of talent in the bloodlines.
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I paid for a genetic test a few years ago. The supplied me with a kit to scrap the inside of my mouth and then sent it to their labs to analyze. My main motive was to confirm or deny a mystery in the family tree of whether I was part native American, probably 1-64th. The test came back 100% of European ancestry.

Sorry to go off topic a bit.
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Even better, I read an article about 20 years ago about
a Brit family that has proof they've been living in the same
stone farmhouse since 900 AD. Not even the Windsor's can
claim that.
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I bet the Wiz, and me, and the rest of the European descendants on here have a lin wk to the bloodline of the Persian emperors. Probably

I've seen research that estimates 90% of white British people have a link back to Edward Longshanks (Edward the first), who had a rather large family, with many grandchildren. Wish I could find the linky. But basically, the theory is the melting pot within Europe was diverse enough that bloodlines cross.

Did find one link that puts Obama (along with several other presidents) as a descendant of Longshanks as well.
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Quote: Wizard

The test came back 100% of European ancestry.

The point is that the bloodline is 54 generations long. The family tree would be 2^53 people wide in that single branch. That is 8 trillion people. In the 3rd century the entire population of the world was about 250 million people, and most of them were in China and India. And you have to discount the people who were alive at the time who left no descendants. A very high estimate is that 230 million people ended up being one of the Queen's descendants (discounting a mere 20 million people who left no descendants or were pygmies in Africa). That still means each person alive at the time had to fill an average of 40 million positions in the family tree.

The overwhelming probability is that most of the world is a descendant of Ardashir I, the founder of the Persian Dynasty. If they are not they are probably descendant from 50 generations of aborigines from Australia who were only discovered in the 20th century. Certainly someone of European ancestry is a descendant.

Barack Obama is known to be a descendant of Edward Longshanks. If you are of English descent, then you would be unusual if you were not one of his descendants. However, most people can't document the line of descent.

Basically if you are British you are much more likely than not to be descended from a medieval king. You are in a much smaller group if you are descended from a Tudor or Stuart monarch. If you are legitimately descended from a Georgian monarch, then you are in the line of succession to the throne, and you know it. The Georgian descent is well documented (but it is probably about 7,000 people).

  1. Edward I Longshanks Plantagenêt, King of England 1239-1307
  2. Elizabeth Plantagenêt 1282-1316
  3. William de Bohun, Earl of Northampton ca 1311-1360
  4. Elisabeth de Bohun ca 1350-1385
  5. Elizabeth Fitzalan 1366-1425
  6. Joan Goushill
  7. Catherine Stanley
  8. Dulcia Savage
  9. Maud Bold
  10. Jennet Gerard
  11. William Eltonhead
  12. Richard Eltonhead
  13. Martha Eltonhead (Born September 26, 1608 in Lancashire, , England; Died October 28, 1689 in Virginia, United States)
  14. Eltonhead Conway
  15. Martha Thacker
  16. Edwin Hickman
  17. James Hickman 1723-1816
  18. Susannah Hickman
  19. Annie Browning
  20. George Washington Overall 1820-1871
  21. Susan Catherine Overall 1849-1906
  22. Gabriella Clark 1877-1966
  23. Ruth Lucille Armour 1900-1926
  24. Stanley Dunham 1918-1992
  25. Ann Dunham 1942-1995
  26. Barack Obama 1961-

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