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On the drive between between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is the small dot on the map town of Yermo. Yermo's main claim to fame is that it is near the Calico Ghost Town tourist trap... It's not the place where the Calico Ghost Town tourist trap actually is, but it is near it. Other than that, it is the off ramp a lot of military service folks take when heading for desert survival skill training.

Well, now there's a giant rainbow colored soft serve ice cream cup lighting up the night. Eddie World

My initial thought was... I LOVE IT!

My second thought was... why is it called "EddieWorld" and not "Eddie's World"?

My third thought was... wasn't Eddie the cousin in "National Lampoon's Las Vegas Vacation".. If it's related to that classic film, I am definitely going to stop in everytime I pass by.

Sadly, it is not a casino that offers "other" types of games (like "Rock, Paper, Scissors").

It's a throwback to the roadside attraction weirdness of the old Route 66. They plan to have a huge selection of candy, and a huge number of restrooms.

Now if they can just get the funds to restore the red light bulbs in the "World's Tallest Thermometer" in Baker, all would be good.
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what a strange place to put something like that. It must have cost a ton of money to make.
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