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Do you mean the first three numbers of a zip code? They are simply the code for the main post office. 11429 is 114=Jamaica distribution center, and 29 is the subpost office- Queens Village. It means your mail went thru the Jamaica distribution center to the Queens Village post office.
Queens, NY has two million residents that are serviced by four main post offices. The first three digits tell you which of the four the mail went thru.
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I mean like - all of Los Angeles was I believe area code 213, and now we have 213, 310, 323, 424, 818, 626, etc.

Was for example, zip code 90077 always 90077? etc.

Before zip codes, there were...postal codes? Were they the same?

Yes I have noticed that sometimes one digit is added to the last digit to make that five digit zip code the zip code for just the PO Boxes in a given town. Wonder if that is something new...a split off?
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Quote: AZDuffman

I worked at a place where we were giving our 800 number and the woman training us kept telling me to say "1-XX" which I just never gave because it was so obvious. I wanted to give her the example of Rush Limbaugh to his call screener.

Being radio is a one-sided conversation.

"No, I am not going to tell them to dial '1' first."
"What do you mean I should?"
"Because if they do not know to dial '1' before the number they are too stupid to be on the air!"

My thought was if they did not know to dial '1' first they were too stupid to get a car loan.

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    For a while I was involved with creating some ads for a small company. I too was surprised it was established that for the 800 number they considered it a 'lesson learned' that you always showed it as "1-800" . That the customer may have been pretty dumb was not considered a bad thing, though.
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    From New Orleans after Hurricane Ida: USPS is anticipating nearly all post offices beginning with the zip codes 700, 701, 703 and 704 will be open.

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