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OK, so last year I started keeping track of my weight every week and I went down from 293 in about April of last year down to 277 late last year and am right now after the feasting of the holidays around 280 pounds. I want to really loose weight and not stagnate around the 280 mark like I've been doing. I know this place likes bets and getting easy cash so where better to offer up then here? Especially after beach's success.

My goal is to be under 220 pounds By October 30th of this year. That's basically a pound and a half a week for 42 weeks. Now Im not a rich guy, or have nice paying jobs like many of you- but here is what I offer.:

I am going to give a week for people to 'signup' by replying to this thread. I dont think Ill ever see that many replies but the absolute most Id take is the first 20 to reply. On Thursday 1 week from now I will post my beginning weight for this challenge. I am in the ballpark of 280 pounds at this moment.

The challenge: Get under 220 pounds before Halloween next year. That's about 1.5 pounds a week. Every 2 months everybody here will be paid 'dividends' based on how far away I am from my 1.5 pounds per week goal. So for example if over those first two months, 8 weeks went by, that means I wanted to be 12 pounds less by then- if I am only 6 pounds less I will have to pay everyone for the 6 pounds I missed from my goal weight at that time. I will make it $1.75 per pound away from goal and divide that by the number who sign up to win the award. So if I have 20 followers/replies to the thread and miss by 6 pounds that would be $10.50 divided among the followers to my challenge.

It dont sound like much to begin with but this is nearly a 10 month challenge and you'll be given dividends every 2 months which will build up in your 'account' and then everyone is paid off in due course come Halloween.

So what if I'm behind my goal a few months and then make it at the end? you will still be paid off for the dividends earned on my way to my goal.

And if I get ahead of my goal at any point or stay ahead of my goal and exceed my expectations I ask for a $1 per pound return wager from each of you.

This is going to be a bit honor based by me, I use a DR office scale so the measures are pretty much spot on- and I weigh myself on a pretty regular basis once a week wearing the same thing at the same time of day (evening and underwear only)- Ill report fairly and if needed can even post a pic of the scale while im on it and the weight - also Ill give starting and ending photos (front/side) to show proof of said weight loss (or lack thereof).

Here is an example of what could happen:

I start out at 282 pounds and 15 followers
2 month mark (3/13)- goal is 268.5, I am 278 lbs. - 9.5 x $1.75= $16.625
4 month mark (5/8)- goal is 256.5, I am 272 lbs. - 15.5 x $1.75= $27.125
6 month mark (7/10)- goal is 243, I am 266 lbs. - 23 x $1.75= $40.25
8 month mark (9/11)- goal is 229.5, I am 258 lbs. - 28.5 x $1.75= $49.875
END Challenge (10/30)- goal is 220, I am 250 lbs. - 30 x $1.75= $52.50

Total funds lost in challenge = $186.375 divided by 15 watchers/repliers = each of you get $12.43!

Please feel free to comment, or signup
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