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Food reviews: Goyemon & Bachi Burgers


Both establishments have fairly good food, ambience, service, and quality for the price. However, my maturing tastebuds are now favoring dishes as simple as possible - from farm to table, if you wish.

Both Goyemon and Bachi Burgers are the opposite, with a leaning towards a sweeter palate and lots of "food handling intervention". There's nothing wrong with that, I'm just expressing my personal preferences.

Goyemon is a contemporary Japanese restaurant with dark wood & dramatic lighting offering AYCE (all-you-can-eat) sushi.

If you've never ventured into tasting sushi, Goyemon offers an unbelievable variety of choices for only $26.95 per person. However, on this trip (and for the same price of $26.95!), we opted for a salmon dinner for my wife and a simple sashimi dinner for me.

2 generous portions of neatly seared teriyaki-flavored salmon, 2 pieces of shrimp tempura, 1 asparagus tempura, 1 sweet potato tempura, 4 sushi rolls, and a generous salad (I got a similar salad with my sashimi dinner).

Assortment of 6 different sashimi presentations. Clockwise, from left to right: 2ea tuna, imitation crab, salmon, yellow tail, white fish, and red snapper (I think I got that right). Each piece I had was firm and moist, not mushy or dried out.

If I were invited, I might go again; but I wouldn't go out of my way on my own to revisit. Service was fast and courteous, but a few levels below legendary. Place was clean and inviting. Perhaps the action sitting at the Sushi Bar with the 3 chefs would have been more enjoyable.

If you're with a group of folks, perhaps this is the place to go to enjoy your camaraderie!

I have been spoiled since last Oct 2016 by a visit to Kazu Nori in LA, which I personally consider as the temple of all sushi heavens.

Here's an excerpt of my review on Kazu Nori in Los Angeles:

You patiently wait, because you've arrived at the doors of sushi heaven where two sushi chefs, 2 servers, and a roaming manager will serve you food delights that your mouth and palate didn't know existed.

How enjoyable was this journey? I have to repeat that had I kicked the bucket after my last mouthful, I would have been at peace with the world. Yes, it was that good. So good, in fact, that I told both my chef and the manager that I am hard pressed to return to the sushi and hand roll places I've frequented back home. There is absolutely no comparison possible and my best previous sushi places were like FIVE levels lower in quality and flavor.

If you ordered the 5-roll selection of lobster, yellow tail, crab, bay scallops, and toro (unbelievably priced at only $19 or $3.80/roll), the chef only serves them to you one at a time, not all 5 pieces at one serving. The picture doesn't do justice to the taste, but lighting conditions didn't favor a good shot or angle. . .

<A TR of all our Oct 2016 food trips is at http://wizardofvegas.com/member/lostwages/blog/#post1410>

Bachi Burgers

The signature Bachi Burger is made with beef, pork and shrimp.

Yes, they are delicious tasting, presented in delightful ways, and have a "zing" to them . . .

My plain Wagyu Bachi Burger (just shaved onions, tomatoes, lettuce). $13, in case you were wondering. . .

. . . and deconstructed:

Impressions? The Bachi marinade was too sweet for me, and the gorgeous medium rare Wagyu beef was served on a sweet Taiwanese bun . . . It's ok if others like this. I think my maturing years just have me craving food in its simplest form, preferably cooked or prep'd right before my eyes.

I think it's a great date place, but I wouldn't go there again on my own.
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Thanks for these LW. Are there addresses? Also, did you get to the Prime Rib / Steakhouses on your prior itinerary?
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The only non casino restaurant i have dined at is downtown
The Triple George
Excellent food
Highly recommend it.
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The Bachi (short for "hibachi" or grill) Burger place we went to was a corner location in Village Square, 9410 W Sahara Ave #150.


How's this for a twist in appetizers?

Goyemon, the AYCE sushi place, was at 5255 S. Decatur Blvd.

The choices are mind-boggling endless!


Sadly, we missed having a Prime Rib in a restaurant (Golden Steer) in favor of visiting these 2 places . . . I have to say, though, that the Prime Rib we enjoyed at the VP Tournament Banquet (no, I didn't place) was above par! Wifey is usually very selective on comments, but she said she enjoyed it twice!

So, I have three "food missions" for our next trip to Las Vegas, and accomplishing even 1 out of 3 missions will be a "win":

(a) After spending some time at Lucky Dragon Casino on Lucky Wednesday, try the Prime Rib at Golden Steer, or

(b) Search high and low for a Kazu Nori type place (made-to-order hand rolls), or

(c) Discover a "farm to table" concept restaurant . . .

I'm hoping Mamat reads this posting - he seems to have a firm grasp on many things mathematical, casino-related, and must be a galloping gourmet!
Eat real food . . . and you won't need medicine (or a lot less!)

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