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Question for the Wizard:
would you be able to provide me with the software you programmed or direct me to a free piece of software for the game Baccarat? The type of software I'd be looking for would simulate thousands of hands and have the ability to modify decks and betting triggers (ie if banker wins 2 in a row bet 40 on player, if banker wins 1 in a row bet on 10 on banker.-possibly commission?)
On, I've read how you've ran millions of simulations using different betting strategies to determine if the strategy was viable in the long run(black jack challenge).

I fully understand that this game cannot be beaten statistically in the long run with a set strategy.
Working at a casino, I have many friends who believe that this game is beatable and they have their strategies in mind. I did an inquiry for the words 'software' and then 'software + baccarat" and was unable to find what I'm looking for. Additionally I've been unable to find software that fits my type of needs via google-as running 1 shoe at a time is time consuming.

I fully apologize in advance if this is improper to ask this question and for my inability to find this type of software on my own. My reasoning behind this is to show them with a live simulation that their strategy in baccarat will not work in the long run-and since i'm their friend I'm trying to save them money before they blow 5k on some type of progression system. Also we all agree that whatever software you recommend that can implement the betting strategy properly would be evidence enough, instead of using some random software(though I couldn't find one) that may have programming errors, since-well- your a well known name and I doubt that they will argue with the results.
Thank you for your time and consideration,

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