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November 19th, 2022 at 6:28:05 PM permalink
Hello WoV,

It's been too long and I shall be back. Well, I am back at least coming this December. Will be my first post-pandemic trip! Gotta make it count. Going to be spending a few days in Vegas, flight and hotel booked, but it's been so long that I'm feeling rusty. Need some advice on the parking situation. I keep seeing that many hotels are charging a daily parking fee and charging for valet. Yikes. I plan on visiting multiple new and old casinos.

1.) Is there a list of which casinos charge and do not charge for parking?
2.) Is that charge for every entry/reentry or is it daily straight up?
3.) If I only plan on spending 1-2hrs at a spot, it seems kinda silly to pay parking (ie equate this to an admission fee). Definitely want to hit up all the new casinos/renovations in the last 6 years? Circa, Virgin, Resorts, MGM Park etc.?
4.) What the hell happened to free parking?
5) As a Caesar's member, do you know if valet parking is free?

Separate note:
1.) Any new show recommendations? Love Cirque de Solei
2.) Any good/new French/seafood restaurants?
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Google is your friend.

When I was in town a few weeks ago, the parking gate at Plaza was broken. It appeared to have been broken for a while, like maybe they don稚 plan on fixing it.
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