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August 8th, 2020 at 10:27:01 PM permalink
How should strategy change if you are given a straight up bet rebate (0.5% of all wager) for Blackjack, is it prudent to start pushing for minor extra edges like doubling A7 vs 2 by trying to pile in more $ on the table whenever possible (given it overcomes the difference, like in doubling vs hitting A7 vs 2).

What if it is a session based loss rebate (obviously the session will be subject to certain threshold of total wager & rounds, can't make it like a 1-hand session), should adjustment be made to strategy? Or is it still the best to just play basic strategy - (card counting's not 'possible', CSM is in use). Potentially have a chance to play with loss rebate and want to maximize EV over the session.


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