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Hello All!

Am considering a LV trip in early August, with the wife, who also enjoys some gaming (BJ and TCP). We'll probably be driving to and from, which is around 12 hours each way. If we leave home around 0800, we should be able to make LV at around 1800 - 1900. Obviously, we'll be beat from traveling, which leads me to my first question. Other than a couple hours at the tables after arrival, our first night will probably be spent catching up on sleep. No biggie, as we are not spring chickens and are not into the all-night scene. Anyone have a suggestion on a nice, QUIET, CLEAN place to stay for the first couple of nights? This place should be less (or around) than $50 per night, be downtown, and have a casino very close by (one that has favorable, or at least decent, BJ rules). The 3rd and 4th night, we are planning to stay at the Golden Nugget, but I do not want to pay their $89 - $99 rate the first couple of nights (weekend). Will primarily be playing and staying DT Las Vegas. Cannot help but love the atmosphere there (love playing single deck at El Co).

Next question - I know alcohol and gambling do not mix. I get that. However, I have only been to Vegas a couple of times in the past, and never partook of the cocktail service at any of the casinos. So, my question is, how does that work? Are drinks free as long as one is gambling at a table? Is there a certain minimum I must maintain to get free drinks (other than tip)? I have never played and drank before, but think I will this trip. I am very strict with my bankroll, so I do not fear overextending myself.

Finally, this trip is going to be a short one, probably no longer than three to four days. I would like it to be a mini-vacation, filled, primarily, with lots of playing and laughs. Can anyone suggest one or two comedy shows that are worth taking in? Preferably, they will be on the less-expensive side. Adult humor is fine, as it will just be me and the wife.

Thanks for any and all input / answers...
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You should try the new Gold Spike downtown. Newly renovated rooms, and prices are around $30-$50 a night.

Drinks are free at any casino. There is no minimum bet required. You can play 1 cent on the slot machine. The standard tip is $1 per drink. Some people tip more, some less.

Sorry, don't know about comedy shows. Have heard a recommendation for Nathan Burton Comedy Magic though.
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Drinks are free but tip the waitress if you expect to ever see her again.

Rita Rudner at Harrah's would probably work for you and your wife as she does a lot of matrimonial humor. It's amazing how many ways she can murder her husband.

I wish I could help you with the place downtown but I've never stayed at Fremont Street. The Four Queens have reasonable rates for the weekend in the summer but I don't know if it's quiet and/or clean but they do have my favorite restaurant, Hugo's Cellar.
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On drinks: As previously mentioned, they are free but a $1 tip is expected. Also, I would like to mention that if you're playing with your wife tipping $1 for two drinks (one for each of you) is acceptable as well. Lastly, mixed drinks/liquors tend to come in a pretty small and watered down glasses... order a bottled beer to get the "full experience".
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Mac King (at Harrah's) is hilarious, inexpensive, and family friendly.
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>The 3rd and 4th night at the Golden Nugget, but I do not want to pay their $89 - $99 rate the first couple of nights (weekend). Will primarily be playing and staying DT Las Vegas. .."

Play where you stay is often advised but most people like to wander around. If your total gambling at the Nugget gives you a good chance for comped rooms then you might as well pay those weekend rates. I don't know anything about parking downtown.

good luck.
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I personally enjoy the Improv at Harrah's. There used to be a comedy club at the Flamingo, but I haven't been there in years. I also personally enjoy seeing comedians I never heard of before. There stuff is a bit more fresh, and not something you've already seen on television or elsewhere.
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I would suggest Main Street Station in DT Vegas. After GN, it's probably the nicest hotel in the area, and the price, even on weekends, is less than $50/night. It's a couple of blocks from Fremont St Experience so it's quieter than the hotels along that attraction. There is plenty of free parking, both in the ramp and in a lot across the street. I'm not a BJ player, so I can't speak to that, but the craps table has 20X odds and the VP schedules are playable. I like the brew pub, and the buffet is nice too. Have fun!
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The GN rooms are the nicest downtown. But also the most expensive, and the farthest from Fremont St. The South Tower rooms are up to 2 city blocks away.

The rooms at the Fremont are probably the smallest I have ever seen, and they have no self-parking... only valet. Why they don't work out a deal with Binion's to use part of their garage, I don't know. The California rooms are OK, and you get off the elevator right in the casino. Have also stayed at the 4 Queens and don't recall anything noteworthy.
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I'm a little worried when you put "CLEAN" in CAPS. None of the other downtown hotels are up to the standard of the Golden Nugget, so you're likely to be a little disappointed anywhere else you go if that's your standard for cleanliness, etc.

I wouldn't stay in any of the hotels (motels, really) downtown that do not have casinos attached. Their locations are bad, and their reputations worse.

With that, I did a random search on for a random August weekend (20-22) and came up with these prices:

El Cortez - $29-40
Golden Gate, California, Fremont, Main St. Station - all $45
Vegas Club - $47
Fitzgeralds - $49
Four Queens - $59

I've stayed downtown several times in several different hotels, and the major noise factor is the Fremont St. Experience and how close your room is to it. You're likely to arrive in the middle of it, so if you're not in the casino, you're likely to notice how bad it can be.

The 'Tez, Cal, and Main St. Station are all far enough away from the Experience to not be much of a bother. The Golden Gate's rooms are all either below or on top of it, so there's no getting away from it while you're in the room. The others listed above have towers that are tall enough and far enough away from it to be less of a bother. I would suggest requesting one of those rooms.

To make a very long story short, if I had your priorities, I would stay at the El Cortez tower room. It has the best BJ downtown, figures to be pretty quiet, should be well kept (the tower rooms have a good reputation), and is pretty cheap (they have a buy one night, get one night free promotion going on).

But whatever you decide, have a good stay in town and have fun.

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