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I wasn't really thinking about what you said, lol.
You are right, I'm a little bleary from the pseudo morality present in this thread.
In a bet, there is a fool and a thief. - Proverb.
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" Something old and useless that is paraded around in order to evoke irony. "

pseudo morality seems redundant as the above definition seems to fit both terms, would it not ?
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Quote: WongBo

I wasn't really thinking about what you said, lol.
You are right, I'm a little bleary from the pseudo morality present in this thread.

Understood. But presumably, you wouldn't listen to a vegetarian arguing that steak tastes bad, or that cattle ranching is a blight on society -- instead, you'd dismiss those arguments as having no weight. Why is everyone giving so much weight to equivalent arguments made by a religious official?

That's a rhetorical question because I know the answer. But it's food for thought.
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I generally ignore religious people as misguided fools clinging to an outdated mythology.
So it is out of character for me to even be in this thread.
I just found it particularly disgusting to see someone equating condom usage with increase in HIV infection.

Why don't we talk about this....

The 2004 John Jay Report[14]
was based on a study of 10,667 allegations against 4,392 priests
accused of engaging in sexual abuse of a minor between 1950 and 2002.
The report stated there were approximately 10,667 reported victims (younger than 18 years)
of clergy sexual abuse during this period:
Around 81 percent of these victims were male.
22.6% were age 10 or younger,
51% were between the ages of 11 and 14,
and 27% were between the ages to 15 to 17 years.[15][16][17]
A substantial number (almost 2000) of very young children were victimized by priests during this time period.
9,281 victim surveys had information about an investigation.
In 6,696 (72%) cases, an investigation of the allegation was carried out.
Of these, 4,570 (80%) were substantiated;
1,028 (18%) were unsubstantiated;
83 (1.5%) were found to be false.
In 56 cases, priests were reported to deny the allegations.
More than 10 percent of these allegations were characterized as not substantiated.
(This does not mean that the allegation was false;
it means only that the diocese or order could not determine whether the alleged abuse actually took place.)
For approximately 20 percent of the allegations,
the priest was deceased or inactive at the time of the receipt of the allegation
and typically no investigation was conducted in these circumstances.
In 38.4% of allegations, the abuse is alleged to have occurred within a single year,
in 21.8% the alleged abuse lasted more than a year but less than 2 years,
in 28% between 2 and 4 years,
in 10.2% between 5 and 9 years and,
in under 1%, 10 or more years.
The 4,392 priests who were accused amount to approximately 4% of the 109,694 priests in active ministry during that time.
Of these 4,392, approximately:
56 percent had one reported allegation against them;
27 percent had two or three allegations against them;
nearly 14 percent had four to nine allegations against them;
3 percent (149 priests) had 10 or more allegations against them.
These 149 priests were responsible for almost 3,000 victims, or 27 percent of the allegations.[15]
The allegations were substantiated for 1,872 priests and unsubstantiated for 824 priests.
They were thought to be credible for 1,671 priests and not credible for 345 priests.
298 priests and deacons who had been completely exonerated are not included in the study.
50 percent were 35 years of age or younger at the time of the first instance of alleged abuse.[15]
Almost 70 percent were ordained before 1970.[15]
Fewer than 7 percent were reported to have themselves been victims of physical,
sexual or emotional abuse as children.
Although 19 percent had alcohol or substance abuse problems,
9 percent were reported to have been using drugs or alcohol during the instances of abuse.[15]
In a bet, there is a fool and a thief. - Proverb.
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I promised I would be nice to FrG. I certainly appreciate his efforts to procure a Vatican license plate for me when he was just there. However, I have to add my voice to those who find his position on contraception flawed and naive.

FrG, most of us are not as strong as you to avoid sex or do so only for the purpose of procreation. Most human being were not made from your mold. People are going to do it whether contraception is available or not.

You obviously view contraception use as a sin. However, I would argue the alternative leads to unwanted pregnancies (and thus abortions), STDs, and AIDS. Which is the lesser sin? I submit for your consideration, Father, that if you want to minimize the number of abortions you would not stand in the way of the use of contraception.
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I try to be nice to everyone who posts here. And I respect the good father. But if he can not stand the heat, it is time to get out of the kitchen. I suspect he hopes to enlighten us sinners, and admire his choosing not to preach to the choir. But I have to admit his statement about sex being better when practiced less times a month to be ridiculous.
I am 71, have no need of Viagra ever, and due to medical reasons , the wife and I have reduced the occasions of love making.
I did not enjoy less sex more.
I believe that anytime you laugh at something, if you examine it, you will find truth. That being said,
Even bad sex is GREAT !!
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Quote: buzzpaff

I suspect he hopes to enlighten us sinners,

Its more like he gets points for holding his own with
a bunch of godless atheists. Kinda like a getting a
scout badge for going into the lions den.
"It's not enough to succeed, your friends must fail." Gore Vidal
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A farmer has the capability to sow 100 acres but the means to tend only 25 of these acres. Caring for 100 acres will result in starvation. Is it a sin to let the other 75 acres go to weeds and care for the 25 you can manage?
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yes Hire a share cropper.
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I understand the concerns that I or the Pope do not have any experience with sex. Maybe you don't know that I prepare couples for about 25 or more weddings a year. A good chunk of my meetings with parishioners revolve around relationship issues, especially with married couples. I look at good and healthy families as the building blocks of not only a vibrant Church community but also the most essential aspect to the survival of society as a whole. I spend a lot more time than you do thinking, praying, and studying about marriage and family issues.

The only way any of your arguments that contraception is needed or is beneficial hold any water is if it is absolutely impossible for human beings to control their sexual desires. I do not believe that. I believe very strongly that we don't want to, hence the strange and strong insistence that contraception is so important. Contraception is not working. The fact is that since contraception has become so prevalent the incidence of STDs, divorce, and unplanned pregnancy has only increased. Talk about having blinders on, take yours off and lets find a real solution. The real solution is to not sell ourselves short. I appreciate the Wiz's compliment but believe me we are all made from the same stuff and I know we can do it. Or in this case not do it. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I believe in humanity and I think we can come up with a better solution than taking drugs and slapping latex on our junk to solving this problem. I think if we engage our reason and our will power we would be much better off.

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