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If you're not familar with the idea of Lent check out this cool little video from the new Cardinal Dolan:
Lent Begins

I'm giving up soda but that is peanuts compared to my big sacrifice which is giving up the snooze bar on the alarm clock so as to try to discipine myself to get up right away so I can have a little more time for prayer in the morning and maybe a cappuccino too.
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I'll give up gambling if you can get me a Vatican license plate.
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Sadly the thread is now over.
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Soda and alarm clocks are your biggest vices? Way to rub it in ;)

When it comes to Lent Matthew 25:40-46 comes to mind.
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I'm giving up atheism.

OK, beam me up now, god ...
"What, me worry?"
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It's not going to be easy, but I'm going to try and give up watching Glee.
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Although I'm on East coast time and technically Ash Wednesday is over out here, I felt the need to post what is my favorite Lenten post to this point.

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Quote: FrGamble

I'm giving up soda but that is peanuts compared to my big sacrifice which is giving up the snooze bar on the alarm clock.

Is it appropriate?

We've had discussions in various threads about smoking and casinos. We all agree that casinos want an atmosphere of careless abandon with an emphasis on the various pleasures available in life. No one goes to a casino expecting to see women wearing high necklines. Booze is either cheap or free and is heavily promoted. Some casinos have a Free Mimosa special that STARTS at six o'clock in the morning. We all expect a festive atmosphere not a moody, morose atmosphere devoted to self denial.

As for a snooze alarm, I've always assumed you followed Benedictine hours, I thought all Priests did even though I'm not quite sure what Benedictine hours are since it was so long ago that I read anything about it. Do you make wine or bread? My latest interaction with a Catholic Priest involved some sort of ritual in the middle of the night but from the expression on my face in the dimly lit room, the Priest soon realized he must be at the wrong bed. I clearly had no desire to be pronounced sober or to die so far from a casino.

Would it not be better to adopt a "Two Women For The Bishop" attitude and speak not of denial.
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One year one of my fraternity brothers attempted to give up sobriety for lent. As in he tried to get drunk every day, while in college.

He didn't make it.
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Quote: FleaStiff

Quote: FrGamble

I'm giving up soda but that is peanuts compared to my big sacrifice which is giving up the snooze bar on the alarm clock.

Is it appropriate?

When I first read what FrG was giving up, I had a similar reaction, as well as wondering if what he's giving up was a joke response.

But then I started to think about it. He already give up a lot for his life as a priest. What else has he got that he can "give up"?

So good for you Fr.
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