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Quote: Doc

At least Valley Forge has low-cost ways for a cheapskate like me to get into their casino without purchasing their annual membership: either purchase a $20 three-month membership or spend $10 per person in a restaurant/bar/shop before going into the casino. In contrast, in the event Nemacolin Woodlands Resort prevails and gets the "middle of nowhere" casino

Valley Forge is an aging convention center.

Nemacolin looks like the kind of place that if you can't afford an air taxi or a private helicopter to fly you there, you shouldn't be considering it.

I wouldn't be surprised if there is some break in the policy that you can exploit. There is a Bed and Breakfast only 4 miles away. They may extend membership to guests of the B&B as a courtesy to their neighbor. But it is very small and rooms start at $110.

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