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January 10th, 2012 at 2:12:28 PM permalink
Anyone have a link to table rules here or a recent experience to show me what to expect? Leaving later this month and will spend some time at the casino before drinking in the french Quarter.
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I was in NOLA Harrahs a couple years ago...I remember the blackjack was pricey ($15 on up), but I didn't see the specific rules, except I recall they had 6:5 single deck in addition to shoe games. I did notice they had true 5X odds on craps, so if the craps is any indication of how generous they were with rules, then I'd expect Atlantic City style rules.

Craps was $5 in the morning, $10-$15 at night. Interestingly enough, though, mini-baccarat was always $10, and was often cheaper than craps, BJ, or roulette, and tables always had open seats. It was true mini (dealer exclusively handles cards), but hell, $10 mini-bacc can easily beat $15 bad rules blackjack.

The Harrah's casino is very dark in my opinion, and they are EXTREMELY strict on ID checks (I think that's all LA casinos though). Make sure you have your license, no matter your age. I also played at Treasure Chest in Kenner, which isn't too far from the airport. A bit sketchy, but much better limits and $5 3:2 BJ. Their slots also seemed loose there...I was a new card member and got $75 in free play, which I used on a penny WOF super spin machine (the one with the life-sized wheel) and hit the 25,000X space on the bonus. That kept the Mrs. playing for quite some time :).

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