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April 11th, 2019 at 12:10:50 PM permalink
I was searching for other casinos named "Ocean Casino Resort" when I came across this gem, which is probably the result of California passing a recreational pot law:

The Ocean Star Resort and Casino

Surprisingly, it will (the developer hopes) offer 293 room all suite hotel and a casino with 24 hrs. a day Las Vegas casino style gambling, and it will be located 12 miles from... Long Beach, California.

Yes, you read that right: Long Beach, California.

Quote: Ocean Star pitch deck, "Big Idea"

The Ocean Stars mission is to become the one and only premier full Vegas style
resort and casino in the Los Angles vicinity that will provide 24-hour, no limit
gambling, drinking and entertainment. All of the local casinos are in a growth
pattern because there are no shortage of people in the area wanting to gamble. In
2017, 26% of all the people that visited Las Vegas came from Southern California.

What's the catch you ask?

Well there's a few minor issues to work out:
-- It will cost $850 million dollars to build.
-- It would be built on an offshore platform in international waters.
-- Need to get a few signatures on the permission slip.
-- Disposing of the dead whales...

To move things along, you can own $15% of the company for only $200k...

Wasn't this idea already, hehe... "floated" back in the late 50's?

"Mr. Lucky" was a short lived TV drama about a professional gambler who opens a casino on his yacht off the shore of an unnamed American city.

See the pitch deck for this pipe dream here
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