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Quote: VCUSkyhawk

I may be mocked for this, but I really enjoy the El Cortez. It is small, cheap, and I like the music they play. I have never had a bad experience there.

I went to the Cal for the first time on my last trip and really dug the vibe there. Laid back Hawaiians made for a fun craps table.

January was the first time that I had been there in many years.we played slots for about an hour. I really enjoyed the mix of old and new games that they had. I told her next time we are in we should plan a day to spend some time there again. I am surprised that I have not recieved any offers. We didnt play a ton but Indid probably have about 3k coin in on slots.
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I like to find places with the games I like at the table minimums and paytables / deniminations I like. I also prefer places where the cigarette smoke isn't overwhelming.

Once I find that and sit down at the table or find my spot at the craps table, casinos are pretty much all the same.

If it's not a daytrip, then the quality of the rooms becomes important.

As far as food and drink- it doesn't matter much. I'm from NYC so not exactly yearning for fine dining when it comes to casino trips.
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The Horseshoe in Hammond, IN. I love the dealers there - almost universally nice with good senses of humor. I was there today playing craps, and the table mood was pretty poor due to three seven outs in a row. A new stick comes in and asks who's shooting. The dealer points to my neighbor and says, "Baldy." I look around and there are at least five baldies at the table, including myself. The dealer sees this and says that the table is a regular bald convention. We all laugh our asses off and Baldy goes on a great roll and I make all my money back.

Also, play Pai Gow or baccarat for a half hour and get two free entrees at the noodle bar. Today I had roast duck and Vietnamese egg rolls, both excellent. My only complaint about the casino is the lousy video poker.
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The tourists who enjoy Ellis Island should be glad to know they are now able to comp rooms in the adjacent motel. The rooms are nice and reflect a recent remodel. One unique thing is the room/resort fee includes an Ellis Island glass jug and a fill-up of one of their craft beers!

A full-on WOV review from one of the new, secret writers like flowlexa is in order.
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Quote: billryan

Free Root beer floats on Friday, free Sundaes on Sunday, the ability to drink top shelf while playing nickel VP, and they play great music.
Feels like home to me.

you still never got me my fee Sunday or root beer float.
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Mohegan Sun, for the same reasons as DJTeddyBear and TumblingBones: beautiful architecture, friendly staff, good restaurants. Also, a wide variety of games, good shows, great hotel, great pool.

Michael Jordan’s for steak, Tuscany for Sunday brunch, Bar Americain for duck. But my favorite is Ballo, and I am surprised that was not mentioned. Get seating in the back room and you won’t be bothered by the show in the Wolf Den. Yes, there are many restaurants best avoided.

Heard the Casino of the Wind will be repurposed as a shopping venue, all gaming to close, poker room to move to The Hall of the Lost Tribes.
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