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June 29th, 2016 at 3:25:02 PM permalink
Just found this from 2015.

Attorney Bob Nersesian and our own Eliot Jacobson are quoted in the article. Quite lengthy discussion of a few card counters given the boot including a follow-up on Justin Mills, who's backrooming video at Maryland Live shows them calling police who tell him card counting is illegal and he will be arrested if he doesn't comply with the casinos demands.


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What an interesting find!

Seems casinos constantly shoot themselves in the foot by their heavy-handed, out-you-go tactics. If someone appears to be counting cards, simply tell him that he must bet the same amount each hand for an entire shoe. No bigger or smaller bets. Or, tell the suspected card counter s/he must bet the table minimum. Period. Won't that make the dreaded card counter fold up shop and go somewhere else?

And, in the case of the young fellow in the video, who mostly wins his "professional" money playing poker, wouldn't the casino want him in the poker room, generating table rake for the casino with every hand he plays?

At a casino convention once, Frank Scoblete told casinos they should fill their gift shops with lots of "How to Win..." books. Patrons would buy them. Decide they were smart enough or skilled enough to do what the books said, actually NOT be smart enough or skilled enough to do what the books said, and make a mint for the casinos. I think Scoblete was 100 percent right on.

It's sad. So sad that casinos behave the way they do.

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