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When the film Atlantic City came out in 1980, I was 12 years old so I certainly didn't see it nor was I familiar with AC at that time.

I just saw the film with Burt Lancaster and Susan Sarandon. I was curious what the city looked like circa 1980. This film serves as a great record of where the place was.

I know many people feel AC has not been helped by the casinos, and I am certain they could have done more, but when you see what the place looked like before the casinos (Only Resorts International was open, I believe) I argue they definitely were of some service.

The buildings are in complete dilapidation and ruin. People are living in buildings with open roofs and almost every other building seems abandoned. While the film probably cannot be trusted as a view of the populace with its creation of colorful characters, the images of the housing is not faked nor exaggerated.

Some other images of interest. The Steel Pier was there but had a different assortment of rides but you aren't afforded a close up look.

Resorts looks very different inside and out. The sign over the door says casino in plain white lettering over a black background. No neon and glittering sign here.

I was looking for anything that was seemingly unchanged and was surprised to see Fraley's Salt Water Taffy store right there, the same iconic blue sign complete with stylized lettering -- so apparently something has remained the same after 36 years.
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