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Quote: odiousgambit

Quote: tringlomane

One card copies will be big deal. They need the double bet rule so the player doesn't get fleeced.

Looking at Bally's website, this is a commission free game, so it is close to Mini Pai Gow in terms of house edge. The doubling with good hands rule isn't considered in that analysis though.

Found a link that says the double-down is an official rule

It would indeed seem to be the same game as Mini Pai Gow that the Wizard says is owned by 'Gaming Entertainment' [do not seem to have a website] except that the Wizard's page, as Tringlomane notes, does not mention the double-down rule. Without the double down rule, Michael's analysis has the game at a 2.64% HE. Due to the high qualifier, I think we can assume the rule whittles away at the HE but does not take it too far down.

Note on the WoO page that there is a dispute about that analysis.

Glad you found that info, og! Thanks for the clarification.
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Great review, thanks. If anything, it is THE place in Oklahoma to play table games. I think they even had Lunar Poker for a while.

I had a friend-of-a-friend who was sure he had a way to figure out when Class II slots were going to hit. You be the judge :)
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