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Biggest news to me here is that Revel is actually ahead of Showboat and moving close to Ballys. While probably still not making close to enough to cover the debt on the property, it has to make it more valuable to CZR if they can find a way to make it happen for no money out of pocket.

Also note slot revenue is up only at GN and Trop, which went after Atlantic Club players, along with Revel and Resorts. I believe Resorts is getting some benefit from the Landshark Bar along with the Margaritaville at the casino.
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I used to have unlimited rooms at the Atlantic Club, now the Trop is sending me a mailer every week for free play. Offered $225 for next weekend... $75 each day for three days. Very aggressive. However, they refuse to give me a room, so screw them.
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