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August 11th, 2011 at 11:36:49 AM permalink
Mark Chiavarella was sentenced this morning; 28 years. No time to get his affairs in order, he was immediately remanded to custody.

I live in Luzerne County. I've met Chiavarella, although I don't know him; of the other two principal players, I know Robert Powell, and I knew Michael Conahan a little bit; Powell was always very arrogant (still is), and Conahan gave me the creeps with just a handshake.

Chiavarella still thinks he didn't do anything wrong. I say, the parallels are obvious. He was merciless as a judge, and for his crimes he was shown no mercy. He was known for immediately remanding the juveniles to custody; and the same was done for him. I think it is interesting that he thought such actions would help them "see the light"; it is ironic that it hasn't done that for him, and that he doesn't even recognize that.

Ciavarella sentenced to 28 years in prison

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