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Another coming of age movie, period.

The movie centers on a young girl (age 16) in high school preparing for graduation and applying to Oxford. She is raised by parents who believe that going to Oxford is the only thing that's important for her. The girl wants to experience the "real" world and can't stand the thought of what life has in store for her as she follows the traditional path laid out for her.

Then she meets an older man who shows her the ways of the world, hence "an education." Of course, there is a love affair, and pretty soon she is living the life she always wanted.

So, does she give up high school and run away to this man, or does she decided that Oxford is important after all? Is he a cheater or a good guy? Do the experiences change her in a way that's good, does she regret them, does she get what she wants out of life and show that there is really no value in education, or does she learn that her parents are right?

Who cares! 1000 movies have been made with each of these conclusions. This one doesn't make any new points, and the plot is as predictible as it is long winded.

Her parents are illogical characters who contradict themselves multiple times. The 30 somthing boyfriend has all the characteristics you'd expect of someone who wants to have sex with a 16 year old. The school teacher is wise. The principal is strict. Yawn.

I can't believe the actress (Carry Mulligan) got a Golden Globe nomination for best actress. Carry Mulligan might be a good actress, but the role lacked depth so there was nothing for her to show. Maybe she got it because she navagated the tortuous plot without too much giggling along the way.

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