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OK, I'm a fan of the small film, and this movie certainly qualifies. You probably can't find it in a theatre nearby. But, it got Golden Globe nominations for best picture, best actress and best supporting actress, and it deserves them.

The movie considers the life of an inner city obese black girl age 16, whose mother lives on welfare and is physically and verbally abusive. The girl is the victim of sexual abuse by her mother's long time boyfriend, and is virtually illiterate. Her dream world is the only escape she has.

With this baggage, you'd think the movie is just going to be another sports-type film plot with the girl arising triumphant in the final scene, but it's not. It takes the viewer into a world that is very difficult to experience, but portrays the real experience of countless inner city youth. It's just hard to see it, but it's totally believable. The girl gets one opportunity to change her life, and she takes it. It's not clear how much change is really possible, and much of the movie centers on this point.

I have never seen a movie even close to this one in terms of finding a novel and painful part of American culture to portray, and diving in as deep as it can go. It is a brand new plot in a brand new setting, with characters that aren't stereotypes. The two actresses (mother and daughter) have incredibly tough parts and nail them.

When I read the review before seeing this movie, I didn't want to go. In hindsight, I wish I hadn't gone, but for all the reasons it was important to go; it's that tough to see.

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The movie is excellent because of the high quality of the acting. Mo'nique once again proves that behind most comedians is the possibility of a superb dramatic actor. You also wouldn't think that Mariah Carey, and Lenny Kravitz were capable of such drama. Gabourey Sidibe was a real find.
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