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Quote: coachbelly

Haven't you had redacted by admin

My understanding is that you are also redacted by admin

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    Warning: Many of our members consider this type of information to be private and highly sensitive.

    Bringing it up is a privacy violation and can be insulting, even if it may be germane to the topic of discussion.

    Further similar incidents will be dealt with more harshly.
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    Quote: Dieter

    Warning: Many of our members consider this type of information to be private and highly sensitive.

    Axel posted the information on this forum, it can't be all that sensitive or private to any degree.
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    Quote: coachbelly

    Quote: AxelWolf

    [Unless you are deficient in something(as was pointed out, a common one is vitiman D) you dont need to be taking a bunch of vitamans. You can eat fairly crappy here in the USA and get evrything you need]

    How has this nutritional philosophy been working out for you?

    Haven't you had redacted by admin

    My understanding is that you are also redacted by admin

    Are you dismissing an enriched diet, including nutritional supplements, as a scam?

    Anecdotally, I attribute the size and health of my family members to an enriched diet.
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    I don't recall Axel ever giving a physical description of himself to the public nor posted a photo. Thus, I consider this doxing. Two-week suspension.
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    Thanks for this post from:
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    Lets get this back on track.

    When I was about nine or ten, I scrimped and saved all summer to send away for a Giant play set from the back of the comic.
    I have the ad right in front of me.
    It says you get :
    24 Giant American GIs
    12 Giant American paratroopers
    36 Giant Nazi soldiers
    4 Giant American Sherman Tanks
    2 Giant Nazi Tiger Tanks
    4 Giant American Armored Vehicles
    1 Giant exploding stone Bridge
    4 Giant destroyed buildings
    36 Giant assorted accessories.

    It says to allow 6-8 weeks for delivery . Weeks go by and I come home from school to find a four-inch by six-inch package addressed to me. I have no idea what it might be as I'm expecting a huge parcel with all my Giant size soldiers and tanks in it. I open it and there is a lot of miniature flat soldiers, flat tanks, flat buildings, all perhaps 1/6th the size of a regular toy soldier.
    My Dad is Overseas so I bring this mess to my mother and complain they must have sent me the wrong playset. My mom looks thru the packaging and shows me the catalog that came with it. It was from The Giant Toy company, and it clearly stated that everything in the package was a genuine GIANT product.
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    What is REGULAR sized?

    Your regular is a vision of your desires or thoughts.

    Mine might be entirely the opposite.

    Theirs could be a 3rd to those.
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    Vitamins and supplements can be very loose with their names and claims as long as they have that warning label (maybe not the correct term) "not intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat, " etc.... So I would guess this is legal (in America for sure where regulations are loose to begin with, some countries have more regulation for supplements).

    That being said, I am sure you are fine at a "50% dose". Multivitamins are usually overkill if you have a balanced diet, so even a 50% serving is probably more than enough.

    Really the only supplement I have ever had physicians recommend me to take is fishoil (omega-3 technically) supplements when my triglyceride were starting to get high for my age (I don't eat seafood at all, because even my current Doctor who is very anti-supplements said its better to get Omega from certain fish in your diet, but this is acceptable if you avoid such foods). I think he even offered a prescription at one point (I don't know how prescription fishoil is any different, even he said there is not much of one, its more so if you want it tracked in your records I guess).

    I do take a one a day mulit-vitamin pill (that is actually one a day not the brand name), and a B12 supplement as well (I forget why I take this, or when I started, but I have for some time, and just continue, something to do with energy and physical performance I think). But, I don't know if these actually do anything for me, or just make me feel healthier. Naturelo is the brand I use for all three supplements.

    My current Doctor even said that such supplements can be harmful because it can give some people the mental license to be lazy about proper eating and energy habits (he is very much an advocate of consuming nutrients directly from food and thinks supplements should be avoided unless there is a deficiency or legitimate medical reason in which case they should be prescribed, and you should be monitored with lab work regularly to see if it actually makes a difference, but very against supplements from the "open market" so to speak). My current doctor says, whatever you spend on supplements every month would be better spent on more fresh and varied produce so that you have a naturally varied diet, I don't know how common this view is in the medical community, but this is the first primary care Doctor I have had who seems to just have disdain for the whole supplement industry, and seems to think that, at best its an unnecessary money drain/scam (and at worst it can cause you to intake too much of some and put you in danger) that should be rerouted to better food, and if you truly need a supplement (which very few adults actually do, at least not in America) it should be prescribed.

    All of that being said I still continue with my supplements, though maybe one month I will cutoff all except fish oil and see if I actually feel any different. So I guess that is a long way of saying 50% serving size probably had zero impact on your life (it might even be optimal if you already have a good diet).

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