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Quote: ChumpChange

RP: Urgent story being lost in the headlines today: The UK variant is confirmed in NYC.

Covid is spreading here at an alarming rate.
- 6k cases/day
- 3.3k in hospital
- Deaths rising steadily

The variant now increases the peril. We have to double down on precautions to slow this.

From your profile, I gather you are in NYC, which has a densely packed population of about 11% of that of the UK.
For perspective, yesterday we had 47K new cases, 1319 new hospital admissions bringing us to a total of 36489 currently hospitalised and we had 1564 dead for the day ( a new record ).
So per population, we seem to be in broadly the same order of numbers.
We too are seriously doubling down on precautions. It's started to flatten infections over the last couple of days. But Deaths trail infections by three weeks or so, so we will see infections drop as deaths rise. With effort, we may see deaths decline in a month or so.

Stay safe. Be responsible for your own potential infectivity.
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Stay pure
Stay vigilant
Stay safe.
Stay strong
Stay home.
Enjoy every sandwich
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Thanks for this post from:
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Quote: OnceDear

Incidentally that link is blocked to me.

Try this trick, go to https://translate.google.com/ and paste the URL, select destination language as the web pageís language and click on the "translated" link . Free web proxy.
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N.J. includes 2M smokers in huge expansion of COVID vaccine eligibility starting Thursday


My question is.... what keeps people from simply claiming they smoke?
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Quote: OnceDear

If an infected person coughs or sneezes into their hands, it's quite an arduaous journey from their hand to the door handle they touch, to the hands I touch the handle with and onwards to my lung after I pick my nose.

There is a theory that it all starts with the nose
One of the 1st major symptoms is loss of taste and smell which in itself is really bizarre
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If it starts with your ears, you'll go deaf.
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Quote: darkoz

Even worse than British and South African Covid.


It is what it is.
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