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March 31st, 2020 at 3:43:25 PM permalink
Quote: DRich

Congrats, I am proud of you for sticking to it. Do you plan to change your previous drinking habits or do you think you will be back at the same level soon?

Because all of the pubs and restaurants are closed I am drinking a lot less than before. I don't drink at home unless we have people over and social distancing is preventing that.

Congrats again.

I always intended to restart drinking, but in a more measured way. Rather than a JD nightcap each night, it might be just a few nights per week.
Being home isolated for the foreseeable future, pub and restaurant meals will be out of bounds, so probably a few times a week, eating at home will be made into more of an occasion, so I'll be having more beer and wine at home at meal times.
I aspire to get, and keep, my level of drinking at or under NHS guidelines.
Take care out there. Spare a thought for the newly poor who were happy in their world just a few days ago, but whose whole way of life just collapsed..

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